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Sunday, December 23, 2018

National Agency for Youth Employment Support 1 ANSEJ

The dispositif is managed by ANSEJ :

1- Construction investment:
Is to create new mini-enterprises in all activities, except for commercial activity, by one or more qualified contractors.
2. What are the qualifying conditions for investment?
To benefit from this device, the young contractor must satisfy the following six conditions:
- Must be between 19 and 35 years old, and can be up to 40 years for the course of the institution to undertake to provide three (3) jobs
(Including partners),
- Have professional qualification and / or recognized knowledge,
- The project owner should benefit from the composition before the start of the completion stage,
- To make a personal contribution in the form of private funds,
- Not to be a paid job when submitting a request to create a small institution,
- Be registered with the interests of the National Employment Agency as an unemployed student.
Registration procedures in the Youth Employment Support Agency:
The file shall be filed by the young contractor at the level of the local branch of the National Agency for Youth Employment Support, which verifies that the file meets the conditions and sends it for study to the Selection, Accreditation and Finance Committee. A deposit receipt shall be granted to the young contractor.
What is the file?
The investment project file consists of benefiting from the benefits and benefits of the support system for creating and expanding activities, especially documents:
- Request to benefit from the privileges and assistance of the State,
-    birth certificate,
- A certificate of citizenship or a copy of the national identification card,
- The case law,
- a descriptive card for the investment project,
- the required certificate or qualification,
- Economic study of the project,
- Initial related invoices,
- Estimated estimates of multi-hazard insurance and potential adjustment work,
- The basic law of the institution in the event of expansion of activities.
The local branch can request each document or additional information necessary to study the file.
Who approves?
The Selection, Accreditation and Finance Committee shall examine the files of the investment projects of the young contractor.
- The young person or youth shall present the contractor their investment projects before the Committee. The Committee shall consider and express its opinion on the appropriateness, feasibility and financing of the Investment Project. The files accepted by the Committee shall be prepared for the preparation of a certificate of eligibility and funding to be delivered by the local branch of the National Agency for Youth Employment Support to the concerned person within a period not exceeding three (3) days.
The Committee for the Selection, Approval and Financing of Investment Projects shall be composed of members whose nominal list shall be determined by a decision of the Minister of Labor, Employment and Social Security for a period of three (3) years renewable.
This committee consists of:
- Representative of the Governor.
- A representative of the State Employment Directorate.
- Representative of the State branch of the National Center for Commercial Registration.
- Representative of the State Tax Directorate.
- Representative of the head of the operating agency of the state.
- A representative of the banks concerned.
- A representative of the concerned professional chamber.
- This committee is headed by the Director of the local branch of the Youth Employment Support Agency.
- The Committee shall meet in regular session every five (15) days with a summons from its Chairman and may meet at extraordinary session at the request of its Chairman.
Is there room for challenge?
The National Employment Support Agency shall inform the young person of the project not later than three (3) days after the Committee defers consideration of the investment project file for the purpose of providing additional information. A certificate of eligibility and funding shall be submitted to the young person of the project after the lifting of the reservations according to the specific conditions.



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Investment,finance for businesses