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Sunday, January 20, 2019

Local Development Bank BDL

Local Development Bank Summary BDL is a public bank with a capital of 3600,800,000.00 million Algerian dinars.
The Local Development Bank (LDP) has a network of 155 agencies spread across the national territory, including 147 agencies responsible for conducting banking operations under its own responsibility, and 60 specialized mortgage loan agencies, a unique activity of the Local Development Bank Other Banks.
Local Development Bank is the first bank of small and medium enterprises / small and medium industries and trade in the widest sense, then Bank of the free professions, individuals and families.

The Local Development Bank seeks to participate actively in the development of the national economy and in particular to promote investment by encouraging small and medium-sized enterprises / small and medium industries in all sectors by participating in all procedures established by the ANSEJ, CNAC, ANGEM, Ready to meet the funding needs of individuals. On the other hand, the local development bank has a major role in financing residential projects by supporting and accompanying developers of real estate promotion projects, as well as people who want to buy housing.

It also offers smart bank cards such as Visa and Master Card.



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Investment,finance for businesses