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Wednesday, January 2, 2019


-   -Fund to guarantee the risks of loans of unemployed persons (the governing body of the National Fund)
 Unemployment insurance).the general frame:

The mechanism for the creation and expansion of the activities of the production of goods and services by unemployed persons with projects financed by the National Fund for Unemployment Insurance is a complete tool. The Fund receives, accompanies, finances and supports entrepreneurs.

Within the framework of this body, the Joint Sponsorship Fund is established to guarantee the risks of the loans of the unemployed and the owners of the projects simultaneously, guaranteeing the owner of the project and securing the banks.

The certificate or contract of the owner of the project in the Joint Guarantee Fund to guarantee the risks of the loans of the unemployed persons with the projects, during the full period of the bank loan granted, is one of the preconditions for granting the bank loan.

What is the Common Guarantee Fund for Loan Risk Guarantee?

The Mutual Guarantees Guarantee Fund aims at guaranteeing the loans granted by banks and financial institutions to unemployed entrepreneurs involved in the Fund.
What is the role of the mutual sponsorship fund for the project owner and the bank?
The Fund guarantees to the borrower (bank or financial institution) by paying a large part of the debt in the case of the borrower's inability to pay, which helps facilitate the benefit of the loan to the borrower, whose guarantees are often insufficient.
When the project owner can not repay his loan, the Fund will compensate him by paying a large portion of the debt to the creditor.
 The mutual guarantee fund with banks and financial institutions ensures that loans granted by these institutions are guaranteed to the unemployed.
The Fund covers the balance of outstanding debts to banks and financial institutions from assets and interest at the date of the insolvency declaration, within 70%.

Who can join the fund?
 Involvement in the fund is compulsory for contractors who wish to establish a private institution within the framework of the system managed by the National Fund for Unemployment Insurance.The Fund shall complete the guarantees provided by the Project Owner to the Bank or the Financial Institution.

How to engage:

For the project owner:
- Obtain a certificate of eligibility granted by the interests of the National Fund for Unemployment Insurance,
- Obtain bank approval,
- Payment of the defined rights of 0.35% of the loan amount in one lump sum in the local fund of the mutual sponsorship fund, covering the entire duration of the loan.

For the Bank:
  Each bank or financial institution that finances the operations of the activities and grants loans to those who are unemployed under project management by the National Fund for Unemployment Insurance must pay an annual subscription of 1% of the remaining loan.



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