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Friday, February 15, 2019

National Agency for Investment Promotion ANDI :

As we know, the Algerian operating facilities ANSEJ et CNAC are institutions that support the financing of projects worth less than 10,000,000.00 Algerian Dinars or one billion centimes. Thus, the National Agency for Investment Development (ANDI) has been established to upgrade projects that exceed the previous amount according to the specificities of the region and the project.
Thus, we have seen the definition of the agency and all that relates to it through a series of episodes.

National Agency for Investment Promotion:

The Agency, which was established in the framework of the first reforms initiated in Algeria during the 1990s, has witnessed developments aimed at adapting to changes in the economic and social situation of the country. Was transferred to this government institution, which was originally called the agency of promotion, support and follow-up investment from 1993 to 2000 and then became the National Agency for the development of investment and the task of facilitating and promoting and taking investment.

 The transition from the Agency for Promotion, Support and Follow-up of Investment to the National Agency for Investment Development has been reflected in the institutional and regulatory reform of:

· The establishment of the National Investment Council, a body chaired by the Prime Minister with strategies and priorities for development;
· Establishment of regional structures for the Agency which contribute in consultation with local actors in regional development. This contribution is in particular the provision of human and material means to facilitate and simplify the work of investment;
• Establishment of an inter-ministerial appeals committee to receive and dismiss investor complaints;
· Clarifying the roles of the different stakeholders in the investment runway;
· Review of the investment incentive system;
• Reduction of response times for investors from 60 days to 72 hours;
· Cancel the self-financing limit required to obtain benefits;
Simplify access procedures;
· Ease of application for benefits.

The National Agency for Investment Development works to provide services in accordance with international standards and standards with various international institutions and bodies such as:

· CNUCED for consultation and experience on the examination of investment policy in Algeria;
· ONUDI to form and master agency frameworks on investment project valuation methodologies;
· The World Bank for auditing the context of institution-building and proposals for improvement measures under the Doing Business program.

The functions of the National Agency for Investment Development are:

- Registration of investments,
- Promotion of investments in Algeria and abroad,
- Promotion of regional opportunities and potentials,
- Facilitating the practice of business and follow up the establishment of companies and the completion of projects,
- Supporting, assisting and accompanying investors,
- Media and awareness in business meetings,
- Qualifying projects that are of particular importance to the national economy, evaluating them and preparing the investment agreement that is presented to the National Investment Council for approval.
As part of our endeavor to clarify and remove the blurring of the investment climate in Algeria, we will be announcing many of the issues that are being raised in this endeavor.



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