Path of creation of the micro-enterprise - ANSEJ

     The Agency organizes information days to raise awareness and inform young people about the benefits granted by the ANSEJ.

1- Idea of ​​the Ansej project

The idea of ​​the project must be coherent with the qualifications (diploma / qualifying) and the capacities of the promoter for its realization.

2- Reception and orientation

The promoter approaches the nearest annex to his place of residence to learn about the device and the steps to create a micro-enterprise.


The registration of the promoter at the level of the National Youth Employment Support Agency ANSEJ, is made exclusively on the basis of a print called "registration form", to download from the ANSEJ website. Or through the website by filling out the electronic form.

4-Study of the project and business plan

After completing the form and registering, the promoter, assisted by his / her supervisor, draws up a business plan based on the study of the project, containing:
    - The equipment to acquire;
    - The implementation of the project and the environment of the future micro-enterprise.
    - market research;
    - the technical choices;
    - The human resource;
    - The financial study.

5- Presentation of the project to the Project Validation and Financing Selection Committee (CSVF).

The proponent must present his project at CSVF level for study and decision-making by validation, postponement or rejection:
    1 - Validation case: filing of the administrative and financial file within a period not exceeding seven (07) days.
    2 - Case of adjournment: lifting of the reservations made by the committee and representation of the project.

    3 - Cases of rejection: possibility of filing an appeal within a period of fifteen (15) days after notification of the rejection decision of the committee.

6- Establishment and submission of the eligibility or compliance certificate

7- Banking Agreement

The file is filed at the bank by the representative of ANSEJ to obtain the banking agreement.
This step is exclusively for triangular funding.

8- Legal creation of the micro-enterprise - ANSEJ

    - Legal creation of the micro-enterprise.
    - Opening of a bank account and payment of the personal contribution.

9- Fomation of the promoter

Before the financing of the project, the promoter must undergo training on the management techniques of his micro-enterprise, provided internally by the trainers of ANSEJ.

10- Financing the project

After the legal creation of the micro-enterprise, the training of the promoter, the establishment of the decision to grant tax benefits and financial assistance in the implementation phase, the signing of the specifications, the signing of the loan agreement and the signature of promissory notes, ANSEJ proceeds with the financing of the promoter's project.

11- Realization of the project - ANSEJ

After the financing of the project, the promoter must acquire his equipment on the basis of two orders of removal of checks (10% with the order and 90% after the acquisition of the material).

12- Coming into operation of the activity

ANSEJ's services carry out an on-site visit to confirm the start of operation of the micro-enterprise before the decision to grant benefits is received during the exploitation phase.