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Sunday, February 17, 2019

Presentation of the one stop shop for ANDI

The only non-central window is the local structure of the National Agency for Investment Development ANDI.

This is created at the state level. Within it, in addition to the frameworks of the National Agency for Investment Development itself, there are representatives of the departments and bodies involved in the investment process, especially the procedures related to:
- Establishment and registration of companies.
- Approvals and licenses including building permits.
- Investment benefits.
  As such, it is charged with receiving investors, receiving their registration file, handing over the relevant registration certificates, and ensuring the services of the departments and bodies represented within the various centers, directing them to the concerned departments and ending them.
The sole role of decentralized networks is to facilitate and streamline legal procedures to establish institutions and implement investment projects. For this purpose, the representatives of the departments and bodies at the level of the centers are able to deliver all the required documents directly to their level, and to provide all the administrative services related to the completion of the investment and the formation of the companies.
And are assigned to intervene with the central and local interests of their departments or their original bodies to overcome the potential difficulties faced by investors.
In order to ensure the efficiency of the work of the single window and to make it a real tool for simplification and facilitation of investors, has been modified to allow the creation of space necessary for the completion and development of investment projects.
The services provided by the network are no longer limited to simple information, but extend to the completion of all the required procedures, thanks to the actual delegation of authority, decision-making and signature given by the concerned departments and bodies to their representatives within the network.



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