The decentralized one-stop shop located in each wilaya, comprises the following four centers , the third one is:

3/ The formalities fulfillment Center

Is responsible for providing services related to the companies’ establishment formalities and projects realization.
It groups together, in one and a same space, the services directly responsible for the execution of the procedures related to activities access and exercise and t the projects implementation, in particular the declarations, notifications or requests required for authorization from the competent authorities.
In addition to the Agency executives, the formalities fulfillment center includes the representatives of the Communal People's Assembly of the region where the decentralized one stop shop is located, the national center for trade register, urban planning, the environment, labor and social insurance fund for employed and self-employed persons.

1.3 The representative of the Agency 
shall register the investments and shall notify the registration certificates. He is responsible for the treatment of all requests for modification of the investment registration certificate and for extending the time-limits relating thereto.
2.3 The representative of the national center of trade register
 has to deliver, on the course of the day, the certificate of non anteriority of denomination.
He shall forthwith deliver the provisional receipt enabling the investor to complete the necessary formalities for his investment implementation
3.3 The representative of town planning is responsible for assisting the investor in the formalities fulfillment for obtaining the building permit and other authorizations relating to the right to build. He receives the files in relation to his attributions and personally ensures the follow-up until the end.
4.3 The representative of environment is responsible for informing the investor about the regional spatial planning scheme, the impact studies and the major hazards and risks. He also assists the investor in obtaining the required permits in matters of environmental protection. He receives files in connection with his powers and duties, and personally ensures the follow-up until the end.
5.3 The representative of employment informs investors about labor legislation and regulations. He ensures the relationship with the structure in charge of delivering work permits and any document required by the legislation and regulations in force, with a view to reach a decision as soon as possible. He is also responsible for collecting job offers from investors and presenting candidates for the proposed jobs. He also collects applications for authorization and work permits, sends them to the structures concerned and follows their processing until a final decision is taken.
6.3 The representative of the Communal People's Assembly is responsible for the legalization of all necessary documents for the investment file constitution in accordance with the regulations in force. The legalization of the documents takes place forthwith.
7.3 The representatives of the social security bodies are responsible for issuing forthwith the employer's certificates of staff variation, the employers and employees registration updating as well as any other documents related to their competence
The representatives of the public administrations and organizations present within the centers are fully empowered to issue directly at their level the required documents and to provide the administrative services related to the investment implementation and the companies establishment.

 They are also responsible for intervening with the central and local departments of their administrations or organizations of origin in order to resolve any difficulties encountered by investors.

 Documents issued by the representatives of the administrations and bodies within the centers shall be opposable to the concerned administrations and bodies.