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The documents to be submitted at each stage of the creation of the ANSEJ project

After reviewing the process of establishing an institution by ANSEJ, it is a look at the general plan that the project owner will take to form a general idea and prepare himself to complete all stages and direction in the end towards establishing his own institution, which we define by definition and purpose of documents to be presented at each stage From the ANSEJ path


1 / Upload The File After Validated By Csvf To Submit The Eligibility Certificate

The file should contain the following documents:
• One copy (01) of the vocational qualification voucher;
• 2 residence cards (ANSEJ and BANQUE);
• One obligation (01) to establish 30 permanent posts including promoters / promoters in the company when the manager is over 35 and equal to or less than 40 years of age when submitting the form;
• a copy of the updated registration document issued by the National Employment Agency as a student for the post;
• Initial bill (01) for equipment (including all taxes) and working capital;

• One primary bill (01) for multi-risk insurance and / or all equipment risk at TTC;
• Estimate the building budget (1) (including all taxes), if any;
• A copy of the developer / supplier contract completed and signed by the parties.

2 / fFile Deposit At The Bank Level By ANSEJ

must The file should contain the following documents:
• The request for funding has been sent to the Bank, prepared by the promoter;
• First page of the registration form;
• Residence record
• A copy of the diploma, vocational qualification or any other document attesting to the know-how;
• A copy of the identity document;

• the Agency's eligibility or compliance certificate;
• A copy of the work plan, accompanied by form invoices and / or estimates of possible development work to be carried out.

3 / Legal Creation Of Microenterprises

must The file should contain the following documents:
• Rent a lease for at least two renewable years, a title, a gift certificate, and a loan to use
• Commercial Registration and / or any other registration document (Fellah Card, Artisan Card ...);

The legal status of the enterprise in the case of the legal person;
• Tax card or certificate of presence;
• Formal invoices, insurance quotes and updated development specifications, if possible.

4 / Complete The Bank's File For The Mobilization Of Funds - ANSEJ

 The file should contain the following documents:

• A copy of the proof of occupation of the building (property deed, concession instrument, act of donation, loan bond for use, rental lease for a period of not less than two (2) renewable or longer term period.
• A copy of the commercial register and / or any other registration document (farmer's card, artisan's card, etc.);
• A copy of the legal status in the case of a legal person;
• Copy of the presence certificate or tax card:
• Minutes of the visit of the building to host the activity, established by the Agency.
• Membership Agreement with Guarantee Fund.
• the original version of the decision to determine benefits for the implementation phase (creation or extension);
• A copy of the work plan, accompanied by form invoices and / or updated estimates, if any;
• Proof of payment of NRP and personal contribution.

5 / Documents Required For A Decision For The Provision Of Operating Benefits 


The file should contain the following documents:

• PV report from the beginning of the activity;
• Undertakings of equipment and / or undertaking of the vehicle,
• Final invoice for inventory and equipment / equipment;
• Comprehensive risk insurance contract and / or multiple risks,
• Addition of risk and multi-risk diversification solutions to the Bank's top position and ANSEJ in second place for triple funding (or all-risk or multi-
• A document justifying the beginning of the activity, issued by the tax authorities
• A copy of the DOAR decision.

• A copy of proof of affiliation with CASNOS;

• A copy of the proof of affiliation to the CNAS, if any (a copy of the proof of enrollment of the staff recruited in the small project after the commitment of the Director, who was between 35 and 40. years at the time of application, in accordance with the regulations);

• A copy of the final operating license for regulated activities, if any.

6 / Documents Required For The DOAEX -ANSEJ:

The file should contain the following documents:

• Request for benefits under the extension phase;

• Typical bills in HT, TTC and VAT of new equipment to be obtained;

• Typical bills in HT, TTC and VAT for multi-hazard insurance or all risks (as applicable);

• Certificate of payment of 70% of the bank loan, 50% of the national reform program under triangular financing, and 100% of the ANSEJ loan under co-financing;

• Certificate of payment of full primary bank credit in case of bank change or type of financing from triple to mixed;

• Presenting the last three budgets

• PV from the existence of essential equipment to exploit the acquired activity during the creation phase, established by the monitoring officer.



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