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Tuesday, March 12, 2019

ANDI one-stop shop management system

Once we have defined the only one, we will return today to see what is the only decentralized net in detail, the position at the state headquarters, the following four centers:

1 / The center of the advantages of the one-stop shop 

 Except for the cases provided for by the law relating to the promotion of the investment, shall be subject to the various advantages and incentives set for the benefit of the investment under the applicable legislation.
:In this capacity, the management of the advantages of the following
§ - No more than forty eight (48) hours shall be indicated on the list of goods and services that can be used for the benefits, as well as the extract of the list for the quotas in kind,
§ He shall handle requests for amendment of the lists mentioned above,
§ Under the conditions set out in the regulation adopted under the Investment Promotion Law, the assignment and transfer of the investment shall be authorized and received with the associated statements when such transactions relate to one or more of the individual assets,
§ Exemptions from the value added tax relating to the acquisition of goods and services included in the list of goods and services benefiting from tax benefits,
§ The minutes of inspection of entry into the exploitation for the purpose of benefiting from the advantages or final closure of the investment file,
§ Requests, in liaison with the Customs Department, requests for lifting the non-transferability of goods acquired under preferential terms and informing the relevant resolutions,
§ A six-fold detection of the approach to investments whose maturity dates are due to the fact that they are registered in the exploitation received,
§ - Directs apologies to investors who did not respect the obligation to submit a record of the examination of the entry into exploitation,
§ Declarations of stripping of the right to benefits shall be issued for investments under its jurisdiction and shall, where appropriate, be withdrawn,
§ Performs any work related to its functions.

The representatives of the public departments and bodies at the level of the centers are able to complete all the required documents directly at their level and provide all the administrative services related to the completion of the investment and the formation of the companies.Moreover, they are obliged to intervene with the central and local interests of their aministrations or their parent bodies to overcome the potential difficulties faced by investors.The documents delivered by the representatives of departments and bodies at the level of the centers shall be binding on the departments and bodies concerned.



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