The one stop shop, located at the level in each wilaya, has four centers, the first of which is the management center of the advantages and incentives related to the investment. The second one is:

2 / The Companies establishment Support Center of one stop shop

Is responsible for assisting and supporting the establishment and development of enterprises. It provides to eligible investments under the provisions of Law No. 16-09,  an information, training and support service.

Regarding information, it ensures a role of communication and provision of all technical, economic and statistical information on all aspects of the proposed project.

Regarding training, it organizes training cycles for the benefit of the project owners, concerning all stages of the project.

Regarding accompaniment, it provides support services from the project’s idea until its implementation stage. In this respect, it develops a local service for the benefit of the project owners during the business plan elaboration and the project assembly.

The representatives of the public administrations and organizations present within the centers are fully empowered to issue directly at their level the required documents and to provide the administrative services related to the investment implementation and the companies establishment.

 They are also responsible for intervening with the central and local departments of their administrations or organizations of origin in order to resolve any difficulties encountered by investors.

 Documents issued by the representatives of the administrations and bodies within the centers shall be opposable to the concerned administrations and bodies.