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Sunday, March 31, 2019

the Territorial Promotion Center for one-stop shop by ANDI - algeria

The only decentralized network, which is located at the headquarters level, has four centers, the first is the center for management of benefits and incentives related to investment, the second is the center of completion of formalities, the third is the support center for business creation and the fourth is:

is in charge, in close collaboration with the local authorities in its constituency, of the contribution to the setting up and implementation of a strategy for the activities diversification and enrichment of the wilaya, where is located the project, through the mobilization of its resources and its energies.

4/ In this regards, the Territorial Promotion Center is responsible for:

1.4     developing, in particular through studies, the best possible acknowledge of the local economy, its potential and forces to enabling local authorities to create a favorable environment to private investment and investors, to take decisions based on data that reflect the reality of the concerned territory.
2. 4    identifying, disseminating and ensuring to investors, the promotion of investment opportunities and specific local projects, and setting up a data bank that allows investors to take acknowledge about the different opportunities and potentialities of each sector of the local economy.
3. 4    developing and suggesting to the local authorities, an investment promotion plan of the concerned wilaya, designing, elaborating and implementing the capital attractiveness actions necessary for its realization.
4.4     keeping, in close collaboration with the concerned administrations and bodies, a data bank on the land availability of the projects location wilaya.
5.4  assessing the local investment climate and the business environment, identifying obstacles and suggesting to the concerned authorities measures to lift them
6.4     setting up a business and partnerships relationship service between domestic and foreign investors
7.4    Implementing post-investment following up service for the benefit of already existing investors.

The representatives of the public administrations and organizations present within the centers are fully empowered to issue directly at their level the required documents and to provide the administrative services related to the investment implementation and the companies establishment.

 They are also responsible for intervening with the central and local departments of their administrations or organizations of origin in order to resolve any difficulties encountered by investors. Documents issued by the representatives of the administrations and bodies within the centers shall be opposable to the concerned administrations and bodies.



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