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The main provisions governing the FNI Algeria

Subject 02

B- The main provisions governing the National Investment Fund:

 1. Tasks of the National Investment Fund NIF 

  Facilitate access to small and medium enterprises established by young project holders by financing their companies' capital.

 2. Funding each fund:

 by the periodic moratorium of 1 billion in the account of special allocation to the State Treasury.

 3. The maximum level of intervention of the National Investment Fund:

 Contribution of 49% to the capital of small and medium enterprises with a maximum limit of 100 million Algerian Dinars, except for exceptions permitted by the Ministry of Finance. Contributions must not exceed 10% of the financial resources allocated to the Fund.

4. Forms of intervention to the National Investment Fund and participate in the following cases:

Risk capital for SMEs is in the process of being completed;

· Development capital;

• Financing the restructuring, transfer and purchase of shares owned by the capital company of the other in order to maintain the continuity of small and medium enterprises and protect their employees.

 5. Qualified Activities by the National Investment Fund:

 Regardless of the trade and farming activities that are not eligible for this system, each bank or investment company will suggest activities that it would like to support the Ministry of Finance.

 6. Legal Forms of Financing for Qualified SMEs:

Small and medium enterprises with proprietary systems (SPA);

• Small and medium enterprises with special systems (Limited Liability Companies) (SARL) through advanced financing on the partners current account.

 7. Criteria for selection of projects financed by the National Investment Fund:

· The quality of the project, especially the study of its technical feasibility and market;

· The quality of the business plan and the financial profit of the project;

· Quality of management;

· Contribution to job creation;

· Participation in local economic development;

· Contribute to the preservation of the environment.

 8. Follow-up Contribution:

The investment capital institution or the investment bank of the investment funds is obliged to have representation in the small and medium enterprises where the contribution is taken.

 9. Payment of loans of the National Investment Fund:

Exploitation of the investor capital from the funded SMEs is 5 to 7 years from the date of participation contribution.

A Sample Of The Documents Issued By The National Investment Fund



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