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Saturday, April 13, 2019

The role of the assistance committee in determining location, property control and investment promotion , CALPIREF - Algeria -

CALPIREF Committee

1 / Site Assistance Committee - Investment Property in Algeria -:

The Director of Industry, Small and Medium Enterprises and Investment Promotion, under the authority of the Wali, is entrusted with the Secretariat of the Commission for Assistance in Locating, Adjusting and Promoting Investment (CALPIREF), which owns a data bank consisting of a data set extracted by the interests of State Property, , The Commission is considering the proposal to grant the concession by mutual consent and the symbolic dinar per square meter.

2 / Tasks of the Committee to help locate and control the property and promotion of investment - the investment property in Algeria -

Through the information bank owned by the Commission, it can perform the following tasks:

- Proposal to grant the concession through open or limited auction on land.
- Select a state-level investment strategy.
- Contribute to the rationalization and rational use of the property targeted for investment in the framework of the strategy defined by the mandate, taking into account the public equipment in particular.
- Proposing any potential concession application granted by mutual consent to the National Investment Council through the Minister responsible for the promotion of investments.
- Accompanying all initiatives related to the promotion of public or private real estate for the establishment of prepared and equipped land which is intended to receive investments.
- Assist investors in locating the land on which investment projects will be established.
- To develop information on the availability of investment-oriented properties at the disposal of investors by all means of communication.
- Evaluating the conditions of the local real estate market.
- Proposing the establishment of new industrial zones in accordance with the applicable legislation and regulations.
- Proposing the establishment of new areas of activity in accordance with applicable legislation and regulations.
- Monitoring and evaluation of investment projects.
- Follow-up of ongoing investment projects.
- Preview the start-up of investment projects.



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