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Tuesday, June 11, 2019

How to obtain a real estate to invest the form of concession

obtain a real estate

How to get an investment property in Algeria:

A real estate pot is obtained through an application filed at the Site Identification Assistance, Investment Promotion and Property Control Assistance Committee (CALPIREF), managed by the State Department of industry and mining.

1 / Follow the demand for investment property in Algeria:

- If your project is approved, the governor will make the decision to grant the concession by mutual consent to the property to your advantage .
- According to the decision of the governor, prepare your application for the location, the promotion of the investment and the control of the property CALPIREF in order to spread its acceptance.
-State ownership The concession is granted for a period of 33 years and can be renewed twice on the basis of the specifications which define the terms and conditions of the concession.
 - The concession contract is delivered to you after having been declared at the level of the real estate governorate to allow you to obtain the necessary licenses to start your project. By agreement For the following goods:

 1- Property belonging to its own property and dedicated to investment.

2- Real estate vessels located in the areas of activity of state real estate agencies.

2 / Investment Privileges in the Southern and Upper Highlands:

Resolution n ° 59/01 of 22 December 2011

Article 1
Eligible for special concessions are investments outside the hydrocarbons and mining sector in the southern states and highlands.

Article II
In accordance with the relevant provisions of Ordinance No. 03-01 of 20 August 2001 amending and supplementing, covers the special benefits mentioned below

1.2 The realization of the investment is as follows:

 Exemption from the payment of property rights on mosquitoes for all real estate acquisitions made as part of the investment.

The application of a fixed duty in the field of registration at a reduced rate of 2 per thousand as regards the constituent contracts and the capital increases.

The State provides, in whole or in part, the costs, after evaluation by the Agency (andi), of the works relating to the basic installations necessary for the realization of the investment.

VAT) for goods and services not excluded from the benefits directly related to the realization of the investment, imported or acquired on the domestic market, subject to the legal and regulatory provisions in force to favor the use of the production Local goods and services.

 Exemption from customs duties on goods imported and not excluded from the benefits directly related to the realization of the investment, subject to the laws and regulations applicable to the promotion of the use of domestic production of goods and services.

2.2 After reviewing the operation of the investment - the beginning of the project -:

Exemption during 10 years of effective activity of corporate income tax (IBS) and professional activity fees (TAP).

Exemption for a period of 10 years from the date of acquisition from real estate tax to immovable property forming part of an investment.

Article III
The regional groups to which the special privileges described in article 2 above apply are the municipalities of Adrar, Biskra, Bashar, Wadi, Ghardaia, Ilezi, Laghouat, Ouargla, Tamanrasset and Tindouf. The framework for the implementation of this resolution calls on the Governors concerned and the Regional Director of ANDI to ensure wide local publicity and other evaluations granted under the Investment Law of the regional groups covered by this resolution:

3.2, entitled Other Southern States, as provided for in Article 30 above:

 Payment of one dinar per square meter over a period of 10 years and at the end of this period, up to 50% of the amount of the State property tax for investment projects.

 Payment of one dinar per hectare for a period of ten (10) to fifteen (15) years and the reduction is even greater

This period corresponds to 50% of the amount of royalties on state property for new agricultural investors.

Investments in tourism projects benefit from a 4.5% reduction in the interest rate on bank loans.

Activities related to the modernization of tourism and hotel businesses benefit from a 4.5% reduction in the interest rate applicable to bank loans.

3 / Granting the concession to the project owner- Investment real estate in Algeria as a concession:

· The concession is the convention by which the State grants for a certain period the use of available land belonging to its own property for the benefit of a natural or legal person under private law in order to carry out an investment project.

• Open, restricted or consensual auction.

   In view of the above and in order to boost investment, the higher authorities have decided to introduce new procedures in the area of ​​access to public goods for investment and have been dedicated to the supplementary finance law. of 2011 published in the Official Gazette No 40.

Then in the last to date
• From which the auction formula was excluded and now kept as a consensual form.

4 / Form of Concession Concession Grant - Investment Property in Algeria -: 

 Article 15 of the 2011 Supplementary Finance Law (Provisions Concerning State Property)
• Amend the provisions of Articles 3, 5, 8 and 9 of Ordinance No. 08/04 of 01 September 2008 and summarize as follows:
- The concession is granted on the basis of specifications, by mutual consent, lands belonging to the private property of the State and available for the benefit of institutions or public bodies or natural or legal persons of right for the needs of investment projects and in compliance with the applicable reconstruction rules.
 - The concession is authorized by mutual agreement by decision of the governor, on the proposal of the assistance committee for the identification of sites and the investment promotion, and CALPIREF - Investment projects may, upon the proposal of the National Investment Council and after a decision by the Council of Ministers, benefit from a further reduction in the amount of the annual rental fee.

     5 / Composition of the file (15 copies) At the moment ask for the investment property:

- A request to Mr. Wali - General Secretariat - specifying the nature of the investment project and the proposed land ·
- An economic technical study for the project carried out by an approved consulting firm ·
-Site map 1000/1 certified studies ·
- Scheme 200/1 or 250/1 from an approved design office ·
- Certified copy of the identity card of the natural person and, for the legal person, the card of path identity only with the stat.

6 / Download the application form for obtaining industrial property:



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