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Thursday, August 22, 2019

Labor and foreign workers in Algeria

Labor and foreign workers in Algeria :

1. Law No. 81-10 of 9 Ramadan 1401 corresponding to 11 July1981 on the conditions of employment of foreign workers, this law aims to determine the conditions of employment of foreign workers, with the employer only.

According to national development needs, taking into account treaties or agreements that Algeria may have concluded with any foreign country.

In order to implement this law, the following decrees and instructions were issued:

2. Decree No. 82-510 of 9 Rabi I of 1403 corresponding to 25December 1982 determining the modalities for granting a temporary work permit or license to foreign workers.

This decree determines the form of the work permit and the temporary work permit as well as the notes mentioned therein by a decision of the minister in charge of work.

   Legislative laws governing the employment of foreign labor :

You must provide a file containing a comprehensive initial agreement.
This procedure is based on placing the file with local operating departments. The State Employment Directorate sends the file to the Central Department of the Ministry of Labor for study and approval.

- Requesting a preliminary agreement to highlight the expected needs of degrading qualifications and positions in the local and foreign workforce.

- A copy of the Labor Market Agreement or the Articles of Association of the Corporation.

- Copy of the commercial register.

- A copy of the documents that justify the position of the employee company with respect to taxes and documents related to the National Social Security Fund.

-The agreement is then sent to the employing company through the State Employment Directorate.

To benefit from an initial agreement, you should:

-Send your file to the State Directorate of Employment.

- The file is sent by the State Directorate of Employment to the Directorate General of Employment and Integration (Ministry of Labor, Employment and Social Security).

- The Directorate General for Employment and Integration shall send a preliminary agreement to the operating entity through the State Directorate for Employment.

- A foreign worker who has a work contract and a temporary work permit must have a work visa and a temporary work permit.

1 / Foreign workers contributing to the realization of local projects:

The Foreign Employee Entity to contribute to the realization of local projects must have work visas for foreign workers in order to enter Algeria with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

- Work visa application to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

- A nominal list bearing the numbers and passports of all foreign workers.

- The obligation to return foreign workers to their countries immediately after the termination of the labor mark.

2 / Foreign workers participating in employers' organizations:

If the foreign worker is employed outside the realization of local projects, the employer or the employee must pay the file for obtaining a work visa addressed to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The file includes the following documents:

- Work visa application to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

- A certified copy of the passport of the foreign worker.

- A convincing and confirmed copy of the professional qualifications of the foreign worker.

- The obligation to repatriate the foreign worker pending the termination of the employment relationship.

You want to work in Algeria?

The National Employment Agency proposes a range of services to achieve your goal. Article 05, inspired by Executive Decree No. 06-77 corresponding to 18 February 2006, defines the powers of the National Employment Agency for the management of foreign labor.The article stipulates the following: Follow-up laws and legislation relating to the employment of foreigners and the development and follow-up of foreign labor, as well as the organization and conduct of the National Code of Foreign Workers.

 Did you find a job in Algeria then you: 

- Subject to Algerian domestic legislation and laws.

- Signing an employment contract with the employee company, whether local or foreign.

- Carry work visa or temporary work permit.

- It also holds a certificate licensed by the same employment services, through which the employee undertakes to repatriate the foreign worker immediately after the end of the employment relationship. Finally you are engaged in paid activity.

Incentive measures for foreign employers through the Vocational Assistance Service:

➟Occupy job seekers within the framework of the vocational integration assistance system and benefit from full monthly wages and social security contributions.

➟Benefit from training for the benefit of job seekers to adapt their qualifications to work positions by covering 60% of the training costs.

➟They worked within the framework of the subsidized employment contract and benefited from the State's contribution to the position by:

➥ 12000 DZ for holders of higher education certificates.

➥ 10000 DZ for high technicians.

➥8000 DZ for graduates of secondary education and vocational training.

➥ 6000 DZ for the unconfigured.

Also benefit from reducing user quota and pay instead of 25%:

⏩ 15% when employing a previous job applicant.

⏩ 5% when employing a junior student.

⏩ 2.5% per employment in Upper and Southern Highlands.

Benefit for a maximum of 03 years, a monthly allowance of 1000 DZD per employment on an unlimited employment contract.

Required file:

Each user wishing to benefit from one of the advantages provided by this device must submit a file for the benefit of the National Social Security Fund containing the following documents:

· Application for a grant (file submitted by the National Social Security Fund).

· A document proving registration with the employment agency "Attendance Sheet" (the document provided by the employment agency).

· Secu01 applications (a document submitted by the National Social Security Fund).

· List of work applications concerned.



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