Exemption from the total or partial contribution of the employer's social security through Algerian law 06-21

Exemption from the total or partial social security contribution of the employer by law 06-21:

Under the laws (found at the bottom of the page), a new employment promotion system has been created that allows targeted funding to alleviate social burdens on economic sector employers who intend to hire new workers or train their wage workers.

Reducing the cost of creating a job contributes a great deal to the fight against unauthorized labor, stimulates investment and improves the collection rates of social security contributions by expanding its contribution base. 

Which collects the following:

➣Determines incentive measures to promote employment by reducing social burdens for employers.

➣These measures apply to employers in the economic sector.

➣ It can also include employers in other sectors except those who are active in the exploration and production of hydrocarbons.

Privileges granted to the employer with respect to social security contributions:

· Different levels of employer reduction.

· Exemption from the employer's gross social security contribution.

· Monthly employment subsidy.

Levels of reduction of the employer's share in social security contributions:

The employer shall benefit from reducing his share in the case of employment for a period of not less than twelve (12) months:

↳ 20% of its share for job seekers .

⇨28% of its share for the first job seekers.

⇨ 36% for the planned jobs in the upper and southern hills.

The employer shall also benefit from a reduction in his share in the case of his employment for a period of not less than six (06) months:

➠20 to 28% of its share, in the case of employment of job seekers, including early job seekers in the sectors of tourism, crafts, culture, agriculture, construction workshops, public works as well as service companies

➠ 36% of its quota, in case of employment of all job seekers in the upper and southern plateaus.

➠ In case of doubling the original census by the employer employing at least nine (09) workers authorized by the National Social Insurance Fund (SOS), the latter shall benefit from a specific reduction of 08% for one full year.

 Exemption from the employer's share of social security contributions:

Each employer who creates and considers his workers shall benefit from the exemption from the total contribution for a period distributed as follows:

⏩ One (01) month for fifteen (15) days to one (01) month .

⏩ Two (02) months for more than one (01) and equivalent to two (02) months .

⏩ (03) months for more than two (02) months.

The National Unemployment Insurance Fund (SOF) shall take care of the total contribution of the employer specified at (25%) for a maximum period of three (03) months.

        as such :

The employer shall benefit from a monthly employment subsidy totaling one thousand Algerian dinars (1000 DZD) for a maximum period of three (3) years for each job applicant employed on the basis of an indefinite employment contract.