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Investment promotion mechanisms through fni, andi, gud, anem, calpiref in Algeria

The bodies concerned with supporting and promoting investment in Algeria through fni, andi, gud, anem, calpiref in Algeria

Mechanisms to encourage investment in Algeria:

A number of mechanisms have been put in place in Algeria to facilitate and regulate investment and facilitate the establishment of institutions, including:

1- The National Investment Council (CNI):

A body established by Executive Decree No. 01-281 of September 24, 2001 by the Minister in charge of Investment Promotion and placed under the authority of the Head of Government, which he heads. It performs the function of suggestion and study and gives it effective authority in decision making.

Its main functions are:

1-1 / The functions of the proposal and study can be noted that the Council:

- Proposes strategies and priorities for investment development.

- It is proposed to adapt to the recorded changes through investment incentive measures.

- Propose to the government all the decisions and criteria necessary for the implementation of the support system and encourage the investor.

- Consideration of proposals for new benefits.

1-2 / titled proposals taken by CNI through the new powers granted to him in accordance with the supplementary law and are:

§ Approval of the list of activities and goods excluded from the benefits as well as amendments and all updates.

§ Approval of criteria to identify projects of interest to the national economy.

§ Determine the list of expenses.

§ Identifies areas to be benefited from the exception provided for in the Decree of 15 July 2006.

      In addition to appreciating the necessary funds to cover the national investment promotion program, the NIC encourages the establishment of adopted financial institutions and mechanisms. In general, the NIC addresses all investment-related issues through the National Investment Fund (FNI).

 Ministers in charge of economic files and issues are members of the National Investment Council, who attend as observers. The authorities are the National Investment Promotion Agency (ANDI) and the National Investment Fund (FNI).

2- The National Investment Fund (FNI):

   It is the financial arm of the National Investment Council. This initiative is part of the completion of the Government's financial and banking sector reform process.

The National Investment Fund (FNI) is mandated to finance the establishment and development of public and private sector institutions from its own resources, with priority given to the aspects of “profit” and “risk management”, without prejudice to public order which has to do with government policy.

The National Investment Fund intervenes in the financing of investment projects from its own resources.

All aspects of the Fund can be informed through four themes: Topic 1, Topic 2, Topic 3, Topic 4.

    It is a public institution with an administrative character enjoying moral personality and financial independence, under the supervision of the Minister of Industry and Mines. It has seven tasks:

    3.1  Information mission:

   With regard to the mission of information ANDI provides a reception and information service to investors, and provides information system and databases.

   3.2   Facilitation Mission :

   Through the task of facilitating ANDI with the help of the  decentralized one stop-shop GUD, which aims mainly to simplify the procedures and rules for the establishment of an institution, and in this window there is a representative of ANDI, who is engaged with the investor and helps him by providing him with all the necessary information and monitoring the files and correspondence of the competent departments.

  3.3 Investment Promotion Mission :

   In the area of ​​investment promotion, it ensures a commercial relationship for non-resident investor companies with Algerian dealers, organizes media campaigns to enhance the overall investment environment in Algeria. To this end, ANDI has created a partnership award for any operator wishing to invest in Algeria or propose a partnership.

3.4 Follow-up and Assistance Mission :

  It consists of organizing the reception service, sponsoring and accompanying investors, providing special services for non-resident investors and helping them to complete all required procedures.

3.5  The task of participating in the management of economic land:

   Participation in the management of the property is translated by informing investors of the availability of land, as well as the management of the real estate portfolio by participating in the committee to help locate the land.

 3.6  Benefits Management :

  With regard to concession management, the National Investment Promotion Agency (ANDI) is charged with identifying projects of particular interest to the national economy to verify eligibility for concessions, as well as issuing a decision on benefits, issuing an order to cancel decisions and / or withdraw interest (total or partial).

3.7  General Monitoring Mission :

   Finally, through its general follow-up mission, the National Investment Promotion Agency (ANDI) is responsible for developing the monitoring and listening service, as well as providing the statistics service, collecting information on project progress closely with investors. Ensuring compliance with the commitments made under agreements with investors (bilateral and multilateral) and investment protection. And respect the commitments made by investors during the tax exemption phase.

     1-4 / The one decentralized one stop-shop :

      is part of the National Investment Development Agency (ANDI) at the local level, which was established at the state level. Together with the Agency's frameworks, it includes representatives of departments that, at one time or another, intervene in the investment context, including actions on:

§ Establishment and registration of companies.

§ Approvals and licenses, including the issuance of building permits.

§ Benefits related to investments.

It consists of 4 centers to complete all necessary procedures for investment:

In this way, it is also charged with receiving investors, after receiving their statements, establishing and issuing certificates of deposit and granting benefits, as well as ensuring the files related to government departments and bodies represented within the one-stop shop, and communicating them to the competent departments and finalized well.

     2-4 / The role of the decentralized the one stop-shop GUD:

     Is to facilitate and simplify the legal procedures for the establishment of an institution and the implementation of investment projects. For this purpose, representatives of its departments and constituents are charged with issuing directly at their level, all required documents and providing administrative services associated with the completion of the investment. Moreover, they are charged with interfering with the central and local interests of their respective departments or bodies to overcome the potential difficulties faced by investors.

5. National Employment Agency ANEM :

    The NationalEmployment Agency is a privately run public corporation subject to the provisions of Executive Decree No. 06/77 of 17 Muharram 1427, corresponding to 18 February 2006. It enjoys moral character and financial independence and operates under the tutelage of the Ministry of Labor, Employment and Social Security.

The Agency acts as a mediator between job offers and applications registered at its card level, and helps regulate knowledge of the status and development of the national labor market.

It also implements the State's employment policy as an action plan to promote employment and combat unemployment, as well as foreign workers and issuing employment permits at home.

6- Making use of the industrial property through the CALPIREF2 Committee:

The Director of Industry, Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises and Investment Promotion, under the authority of the Wali, is assigned by the CALPIREF1, which has a databank of CALPIREF1. A set of data extracted by the interests of state property, industry and the bodies in charge of real estate. The Committee is studying the proposal to grant concession by mutual consent and in the symbolic dinar per square meter.

7. Investment loan guarantee funds:

    These are the funds that must be involved in obtaining a loan guarantee certificate for an institution that seeks to obtain loans from banking institutions. It is a certificate that complements the guarantees offered to banks from mortgages and others.

     2 / LoanGuarantee Fund for Small and Medium Enterprises - FGAR.

  8.   Algerian Investment Law                             

                                        Updating the Algerian investment law 1                        

                                       ↘ Updating the Algerian investment law 2


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