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Thursday, March 19, 2020

Export and import with the National Bank of Algeria BNA

Export and import with the National Bank of Algeria BNA:

You are an importer or exporter and would like to get help in forming your project; negotiating and achieving your external transactions?

The Algerian National Bank undertakes all foreign trade operations, with the assistance of its extensive network, its branches and partners in both Algeria and abroad, as well as its diverse network of foreign bank correspondents.

Pre-localization of transactions:

All transactions with abroad require prior resettlement and are subject to the requirement of registration and approval of prior electronic resettlement: transfer, collection of funds, commitment, customs clearance and every final settlement procedure.

For this purpose, the National Bank of Algeria has put at the disposal of its customers, a service directly linked to the Internet that allows them and requests for resettlement to the bank structures charged with this section: here

Documentary loan:

1 / When you choose the documentary loan to achieve import operations:

Take advantage of the guidance and accompaniment of experts at your disposal for the financial evaluation of your contracts.

Improve your operational effectiveness as soon as the loan approval decision is issued by the National Bank of Algeria, which validates the documents.

2 / When you choose the documentary loan to achieve export operations:

A / Take advantage of the assistance and commitment of the National Bank of Algeria.

B / Restore your products in strict compliance with the applicable drainage system.

International guarantees:

Your organization deals with foreign partners and you wish to secure your contractual and financial relationships:

The Algerian National Bank meets with your support, whether it is an export or import process. In this context, the National Bank of Algeria proposes to you, under certain conditions, the granting of international bank guarantees for your benefit (the contract can be attached to forms such as: guarantee of transactions, return of deposits and good performance)

Documentary payment:

Documentary payment is a simple and effective way to successfully complete your external transactions. It has:

1- Repeated use in the context of ongoing business deals.

2- Easy to implement and operate.

3- Evaluating trade relations.

You can make documentary payments through our nationwide network. The treatment of these operations remains the prerogative of the agency in which the localization took place.

International transfers:

Thanks to our experience and our relationship with other banks internationally, we can meet your needs

If you are a customer of the Algerian National Bank, you can easily send and receive money from / in your account to any bank account in the world, according to the architectural system and for him, at your disposal the possibility of access to one of the best payment and communication systems in the world: the SWIFT system.

Non-fuel export:

If you are an exporter or want to become that, the Algerian National Bank offers you the best visa and good follow-up to implement the non-hydrocarbon exports.

The bank helps you:

1 / During the research phase:

- By providing you with all the necessary information about the desired country (monetary, financial and legal legislation).

- By providing you with important business information for your partners.

With your help and guidance during salons and exhibitions in Algeria, as well as abroad.

During the negotiation stage of the commercial contract.

- Guidance on the payment procedures and guarantees imposed on the buyer.

2 / During the export phase:

By assisting you in pre-financing the export process, through special financing loans. The latter is suitable for your production activities and preparing products destined for export.



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