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Wednesday, September 9, 2020

TRUST insurance

 trust insurance algeria

TRUST  insurance :
    TRUST Algeria is a joint-stock company created in 1997 under Ordinance 95 - 07 of January 25, 1995 which established the opening of the Algerian insurance market to private investment.
It began its activity on February 28, 1998 as the 1st PRIVATE ALGERIAN COMPANY, following its approval on November 18, 1997 and practices all insurance and reinsurance operations.
Today, TRUST ASSURANCES ALGERIA has a shareholder base made up 100% of foreign investors, following the buybacks of the shares of CAAR and CCR in 2007. It is broken down as follows:
At the end of 2017, TRUST ASSURANCES closed its balance sheet with considerable assets exceeding 8 billion DA. The group's assets amounted to more than $ 5 billion at the end of 2016.
    Our company is part of the Nest investments Group which has several companies in different fields such as:
• Reinsurance
• Direct insurance
• Brokerage
• Financial services
• Real estate
• And tourism
The Group is present through its subsidiaries in about thirty countries in Europe, the USA, the Middle East and Africa.
The Group's assets are valued at 4.5 billion USD and its net assets are 2.5 billion USD. As part of its insurance activities, the Group has (8) eight direct insurance companies, one (1) reinsurance company and a brokerage company with Lloyds in London.
The group benefits from expertise and know-how in insurance which has positively contributed to the development of the TRUST group in recent years.



    Auto insurance is compulsory for every owner of a vehicle, this will protect him in the event of damage caused to third parties, but are you thinking of the damage that can be caused to his car?
TRUST offers you its flexible and modular formulas which give you more security and serenity to you and your passengers.


1-2-1-Home Insurance

   A home is for most of us the most precious asset that needs to be protected at all costs, but it is often overlooked that real risks can ruin our homes and reduce our dearest asset to dust.
TRUST has put together a product that gives you security and peace of mind, protection that can come in handy in difficult and painful times such as fire, theft or even water damage.

1-2-2-Natural Disasters Insurance

    A natural disaster is always a difficult and painful ordeal, if accompanied by the loss of one's home, the situation becomes even more complicated.
Following the Bab Eloued floods in 2001 and the Boumerdes earthquake in 2003, the Algerian state introduced the obligation for all owners of real estate to take out insurance against natural disasters.
The TRUST offers you a contract that meets your needs and guarantees you compensation in the event of:
• Earthquake
• Storm and strong winds
• Ground movement
• Floods and mudslides.
Thus allowing you to rebuild your property and rebuild your life and that of your family.


    The acquisition of a pleasure boat is often a project and a childhood dream, those who manage to achieve it do not necessarily think about its protection.
A boat is exposed to the vagaries of the weather and climatic risks which can cause it irreparable damage.
With TRUST you will have the possibility of sheltering your property by ensuring it the best protection, in the event of material damage caused by any event.


    You practice a liberal profession and work on your own account and in the practice of your profession you are exposed to risks which can cost you dearly and jeopardize your investment.


    Having only one vehicle or several, sometimes managing a fleet is difficult. A moment of inattention may engage your liability and cause you significant property damage.
For this, TRUST provides you with tailor-made cover for your vehicle fleet and guarantees you personalized follow-up and renewal for each of your vehicles.


    All goods, movable or immovable, of which the Insured has custody and consequently has over these goods a power of use, direction and control, represent his assets, the protection of which is a necessity.
TRUST offers tailor-made products to cover your belongings in the event of fire, broken glass, water damage, theft and more.


    A professional may have his civil liability incurred as a result of the exercise of his activity. Indirect bodily, material and pecuniary damage may be caused to third parties following an accident.
TRUST provides you with an insurance contract that protects you and allows you to conduct your business in peace.



     Having a fleet of vehicles can sometimes be cumbersome and restrictive. A car without insurance engages the direct responsibility of the entrepreneur. Damage to vehicles can significantly increase the costs incurred and directly impact business results.
TRUST Insurance offers you tailor-made, flexible and adaptable solutions according to your needs and guarantees you personalized follow-up and renewal for your entire vehicle fleet.


    The activity of a company is its raison d'être and its assets are also its assets which constitute it and which allow it to develop its activity, its turnover and protect it against the vagaries that may be detrimental to it. .
TRUST provides its customers with a wide range of products which enable it to develop its business, its turnover and protect it against the vagaries that may be detrimental to it.
• Fire and explosion
  Water damage
   Natural disasters
  Broken glass
• Machine breakdown
•Operating loss
• All IT risks
• Theft of goods.


    The civil liability of the head of the company is directly engaged due to indirect bodily injury, material and pecuniary damage caused to third parties following an accident.
Whenever this civil liability is sought, directly or indirectly, for any reason whatsoever, as a result of the declared activity, the company finds itself involved in significant costs which directly impact the results of the company.
Good policy in risk management suggests that the company transfers this type of risk to an insurer.
  TRUST has extensive and adequate coverage that allows the company to focus on its business without worrying about the impact of its civil liability on its bottom line.


    For any entrepreneur operating in the construction sector, the acquisition of a project requires a large and often expensive fleet of machinery. Their protection is no longer a luxury.
Monitoring a site requires significant logistics and involves major risks until its delivery.
TRUST has proven expertise through a set of covers in place, which insures you against damage that could be caused by the completion of a work or a site.
• All assembly risks
• All site risks
• All construction machinery risks.


    For any transport of goods by sea, land, air or rail, a company needs to secure not only its transport vehicles but also the goods transported.
The risks are multiple and can be very expensive and cause the loss of the business.
With its expertise and its financial capacities, TRUST guarantees you the best coverage in terms of:
• Sea, land, rail and air transport.
• Body of ship and plane.

life insurance  (AMANA ASSURANCES)

   In order to offer its customers products that meet the needs of protection, assistance and provident insurance, TRUST ASSURANCES has signed a distribution agreement with AMANA ASSURANCES, which specializes in personal insurance products.
The products marketed throughout the TRUST ASSURANCES network are:
• Travel Assistance
• HADJ & OMRA Assistance
• The Accident of Life Guarantee
• School Insurance
• Credit Refund Insurance
• Provident and Collective Health Insurance.



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