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Monday, March 15, 2021

Investment loans in algeria


investment loans

The documents making up the investment credit application file

       Natural or legal persons who wish to invest and do not have private funds to finance their new projects or extend existing projects, they must resort to financiers to contract loans and the most important sources of financing in Algeria are bank loans. to follow their activities and from it, it is necessary to see the necessary conditions and are eligible for investment credits and its compliance with its financial capacity and solvency to make an investment or expansion decision, that we list as follows:

Legal and administrative documents to apply for an investment loan

     Written request signed by the client including the nature of the competition

requested, their amounts, their durations, their objectives and the terms of their refunds.

    Legal statutes for legal persons.

Trade register, expressly specifying the promotion activity real estate for this type of activity.

    Minutes of the general meeting of shareholders conferring on the directors of the enterprise, the powers to contract loans and to grant guarantees, if this provision is not provided for in the articles of association.

   Copy of the official bulletin of legal announcements (BOAL).

CV of directors and copies of identity documents.

   Qualification and professional experience of the promoter in the field invested.

     Deed of ownership or lease of the premises to house the activity and for real estate development the deed of ownership of the base land to receive the real estate project as well as the foneier booklet.

Negative mortgage certificate for the site of the project dating from less than a month for real estate development.

Assessment report of the premises to house the activity carried out by a duly accredited professional (expert) with a view to a possible decision warranty.

Copy of the decision granting benefits issued by ANDI or by the CNI.

Approval and or any other document authorizing the promoter to exercise

the planned activity.

Certificate of inclusion in the national register of real estate developers

open to the Ministry of Housing for promotion projects real estate.

Accounting Documents and Financiel

1-Technical, economic and financial study of the project duly signed and

sealed by a design office.

2-Opening balance sheet and provisional balance sheets over the term of the loan.

3-Proforma invoice and / or recent equipment purchase contract (less than 03 months) each heading included in the investment structure must be previously justified by invoices and / or quotes.

4-Descriptive and estimated quote for building and civil engineering works.

5-Tax reports and appendices for the last three closed financial years, when it comes to a request for extension credit.

6-Proof of legal deposit of social accounts issued by the Center National Trade Register (CNRC).

7-Expertise and / or supporting documents for the work already carried out and  work still to be done.

8-Financing plan.

For the financing files of real estate development operations, the specific documents to be requested are:

1- The list of possible bookers.

2- The estimated budget of the project (number of units, sale price, price of returns and margin).

3- The monthly plan of the project.

 4- The assessment report of the project base established by the expert contracted by the bank.

Technical documents

1- Building permit relating to the valid project.

2- Concession authorization issued by the competent authority.

3- Project implementation schedule.

For the financing files of real estate development operations, the specific documents to be requested are:

1-The organization, skills and material resources that matter to implement the promoter for the realization of his real estate project.

2- The professional references of the architectural firm in charge of realization of architectural plans for the real estate project.

3-One (01) set of plans for the real estate project approved by the Management'' Territorial competent urban planning and construction as well as by the Center for Technical Construction Control (CCTC).

4-Copies of project management contracts (promoter / office architecture) and project management (promoter / construction company production).

5-The certificate of qualification and professional classification of the company responsible for the construction of the real estate project.

6-Professional references, skills and resources (human and materials) that the company in charge of construction intends to mobilize of the project

7-The descriptive, quantitative and estimated estimate of the project.

Tax documents

1- Fiscal and parafiscal certificates duly cleared.

2- A repayment schedule for previous debt related to the debt tax or social policy decided by the organization concerned.



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