The National Insurance Company (SAA) -full insurance

 The National Insurance Company (SAA) -full insurance-

    The National Insurance Company (SAA) was created in the wake of Algeria’s independence, thanks to the strong participation of its workers, proven know-how, ability to listen effectively, effectively and diligently, and the National Insurance Company maintains its leadership of the Algerian market with more than 2 million clients according to the official website.

SAA history since Algeria's independence :


Mixed Algerian-Egyptian capital company: The National Insurance Company was established as a general insurance company under the trademark SAA, the National Insurance Company.

December 1963:

The first point of sale opens its doors in the center of the capital, under the name of SAA Assurance, the National Insurance Company.

May 1966:

Creation of a state monopoly on insurance transactions by Order No. 66.127, which led to the nationalization of the system called SAA by Order No. 66.129.

January 1976:

SAA specializes in a fraction of minor risks. Develop tailored offers for individuals, professionals, local authorities and institutions in the health sector.

February 1989:

As part of the independence of the companies, SAA transforms its method of governance and becomes an EPE with a capital of 80 000 000 DZD.


SAA is expanding its business to include industrial, engineering, transportation, agricultural, life and health insurance risks.


Opening the market to local and foreign investors.

Resettlement of private brokers (general agents, brokers and insurance), implementation of market monitoring tools and establishment of the Insurance Supervisory Committee.

Separate personal insurance from that related to damages.


Network Makeover program launched.

SAA National Insurance Company is diversifying its portfolio by developing non-auto related industries.


The National Insurance Company SAA is raising its capital to 30 billion DA, or 275 million dollars,

Thus, SAA offers the highest market indices.

SAA Products National Insurance Company

1/Car insurance:

You can choose custom car insurance according to your needs and budget, and you can also get cost estimates in just a few clicks.

The National Insurance Company offers you an “all-risks” insurance offer in order to drive safely, and total coverage to keep your car in good condition for as long as possible.

Car insurance "all risks" is the most comprehensive formula, especially in the event of accidents in which the owner of the car is responsible, including your loss of control of the car. It can also cover cases of vandalism such as drawings without permission and scratching, and in the event of an accident without identifying the other party or in the event of a collision with a wild animal

1-2/Guarantees related to this offer :

Take advantage of a comprehensive insurance for your car against all risks in order to drive safely, and total protection to keep your car in good condition for as long as possible. You will be able to benefit from the following guarantees:

•Collision with another vehicle, whether identified or not ,

•a collision with a stationary or moving object,

•the insured vehicle overturns without prior collision,

•Damage caused by high water level,


•Stone collapses,

•falling rocks,

•falling ice, hail,

Important }

Car insurance “against third parties” is the legal and mandatory minimum, and this insurance compensates for material losses and injuries that may occur to others because of your car: injury to a passenger, pedestrians, the driver of another car, damage to other cars, buildings....

2/Housing insurance

“Housing Insurance” covers your home and property against any kind of danger: fire, water damage, theft, damage to electrical and electronic appliances, broken glass...etc

2-1/Offer advantages

•water damage,

•theft and vandalism,

•Fire, explosion and related hazards,

•broken glass,

•civil liability for housing,

•Civil responsibility for personal life and the head of the family,

•home accident,

•defense and appeal,

•breaking the information equipment,

•broken satellite dishes,

•Damage to electrical and electronic devices,

•loss of refrigerator content,

•loss of benefit,

•loss of rents,

•re-housing expenses,

•moving expenses,

•Fees for experts, architects, interior specialists and study offices,

•Expenses of temporary closure and guarding,

•Expenses of removing rubble and demolition,

•Paying the insurance contribution for "damages - works",

•emergency rescue expenses,

•Compliance expenses.

3/Natural disaster insurance

Natural disaster insurance is an economic-class service of a compulsory nature

The compulsory nature of this insurance is established by Article 1 of Ordinance No. 12-03 (of August 26, 2003 on insurance against natural disasters and compensation for victims) and its subsequent implementation decrees: Executive Decrees No. 04-268 to No. 04-272 (Official Gazette of the Republic The algerian)

       The insurance period cannot be less than one year. Article 09 of Executive Decree No. 04-269 of Official Gazette No. 55

Whether you are an owner or a tenant, natural disaster insurance covers your home

By simply subscribing to the “natural disaster” insurance contract, you can obtain coverage that guarantees peace of mind and peace of mind in your home

3-1/Covered events


,Flooding and drowning-

,Storms and strong winds-

,Soil erosion-

3-2/We guarantee to cover

Industrial and commercial facilities including their contents, meaning that real property, equipment, materials, goods and other contents

Real estate properties built in Algeria (condominiums, individual buildings, commercial buildings). Content is not taken into account

4/Tourist boat insurance

"Tourist boat insurance" contains two formulas to protect you and your boat.

4-1/Insuring the hull of the boat

(whatever its size) against fire, piracy and other risks that may be exposed while sailing, such as collision with a foreign object.

The National Insurance Company provides the necessary coverage and compensation for the owner of the boat for losses and expenses resulting from accidents.

4-2/Civil liability of the insured

The civil liability to cover the physical, material and non-material damages that occur to third parties due to the boat.

In the event of an accident: Good feedback that can help you.

Reporting a claim for compensation “notification”:

- may notify by correspondence, preferably by registered mail, to your agency or general agent,

-Within three (3) working days in case of theft, attempted theft or acts of sabotage,

- Within seven (7) working days in respect of other accidents, except for emergency circumstances or force majeure.

When the accident occurs :

-In all cases, you must act quickly to protect your property and limit damage,

-In the event of theft, attempted theft or acts of sabotage, file a complaint with the relevant authorities within 24 hours of discovering the damage,

-In the event of an attack, report it to the relevant authorities within 48 hours,

- In the event of damage to the boat, inform your agency immediately, to request the intervention of the nearest expert on marine losses if necessary,

-In the event of damage to your boat or theft during road transport by truck or train, submit your reservations on the transport deed and take proof of procedures by registered mail within three (3) days of receiving your boat,


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