gas stansportaion from algeria to spain

Algerian investments to support the transport of gas to Spain directly by sea 2021

Informed sources revealed that Algeria has no intention of renewing the Medgaz gas pipeline contract, which links Spain through Morocco, after the contract expires on October 31.

Our sources indicated that all the needs of the Spanish market will be met exclusively through the Medgaz pipeline that connects Algeria directly with Spain.

The same sources also revealed that there are no negotiations to extend the contract on the gas pipeline linking Algeria with Spain via Morocco.

She added that Algeria is ready to meet the needs of the Spanish market with natural gas and in large quantities through the Medgaz pipeline.

Sonatrach: Medgaz pipeline between Algeria and Spain will operate at full capacity in November

Sonatrach announced on Wednesday (September 2nd) that the Medgaz gas pipeline, which links Algeria with Spain, will operate at full transport capacity by the end of next November.

This came in a statement by the company following a visit by its director, Tawfiq Hakkar, to the project of the fourth gas compression unit for this pipeline, in conjunction with a controversy over the fate of the pipeline passing through Morocco.

A statement by the company said: In the context of following up on the completion of the foundation's strategic projects, the CEO of Sonatrach, accompanied by Samia tires, paid an inspection visit to the fourth gas compression unit project, in order to raise the export capabilities of natural gas to the Iberian Peninsula through the Medgaz pipeline from 8 to 10.5 billion cubic meters.

He added, "The pace of achievement is making remarkable progress, and it is expected that this unit will enter into service at the end of next November."

The contract for the pipeline passing through Morocco expires on October 31, and the CEO of Sonatrach, Tawfiq Hakkar, said a few days ago that if there was a new demand for this pipeline, there would be talks, and stressed that Sonatrach is ready to meet the Spanish request, even if there is an increase. In it, especially that the Medgas pipeline can transport 10.5 billion cubic meters annually.

Undersea gas pipelines from algeria to spain

On September 12, 2018, Sonatrach launched a project to support the capabilities of the Medgaz pipeline by constructing a link on the Maghreb pipeline that crosses Moroccan territory to Spain, in the Arisha region on the Moroccan border in the state of Tlemcen, and extending a pipeline from this connection to Beni Saf and linking it to the Medgaz pipeline to increase Annual transportation capacities, which will be supported by an additional 2 billion cubic meters annually.

The project stretched over a distance of 200 km and was completed by national companies, "Cosidar and Enac", at a financial cost of 30.6 billion dinars (3000 billion centimes), equivalent to 280 million dollars.

This project will raise Medgaz's annual capacity to 10.5 billion cubic meters, and it could reach 12.5 billion cubic meters annually in the future, which means that Algeria will pump more gas to Spain directly from Beni Saf without passing through the pipeline that crosses Moroccan territory.

This project was launched last May, which means that the actual additional transport capacities that pass directly from Algeria to Spain without passing through Morocco have become 10.5 billion cubic meters annually, which explains the statements of the CEO of Sonatrach, Taoufik Hakkar, when he stressed that Sonatrach does not It is still able to guarantee the supply of natural gas to Spain through the “Medgaz” pipeline, in response to the possibility of not renewing the concession contract for the Maghreb-European gas pipeline linking Algeria to Spain via Morocco.