Electric vehicle opportunities in the Algerian market

Electric vehicle opportunities in the Algerian market

According to a study conducted by Neftal ) National Corporation for the Distribution of Petroleum Products) and reported by the national radio website, 45% of Algerian motorists are interested in buying an electric car.

While 66% of motorists questioned are willing to use, immediately or in the short term, an electric vehicle, 45% want to own an electric vehicle while 24% remain hesitant,” according to a senior advisor to Naftal CEO Adil. Ben Toumi, referring to the results of the study.

?be afraid of owning an electric car

According to the study, the lack of experience in maintaining and repairing this type of vehicle (31%) came first, in addition to the absence of fast charging stations (30%), the price of electric vehicles compared to thermal vehicles (22%), and the fear of lack of fast charging stations. Spare parts (18%) will be the main obstacle that will hinder Algerians in acquiring electric cars.

For their part, specialists say that the maintenance of electric vehicles will not be a problem. "The maintenance of an electric vehicle will not be more complicated than that of a thermal engine vehicle, but rather more" sophisticated ", since there will be more electronics and data processing in the electric vehicle", assure the specialists. But "difficulties could arise at the beginning, because this is something new, especially in terms of technology, something that requires preparation, especially in terms of training, but also tools".

Electric vehicle charging stations:

Pending the arrival of the first electric cars, a hundred Neftal service stations will be equipped with recharging terminals by the end of the current year, an official within this company told APS.

According to the first advisor to the CEO of Neftal, Adel Bentoumi, at least one service station in each of the 58 wilayas will be equipped with an electric recharging terminal, in addition to the motorway stations (East-West motorway), of which there are 32, with a higher number in the wilayas where the vehicle fleet is larger.

Naftal will start this operation with a pilot project with a first recharging terminal already installed at the service station in Chéraga (west of Algiers).

This terminal, which was produced in Algeria by the private group Amimer Energie, allows the full recharging of the battery in 1 hour and 5 minutes for a vehicle with an autonomy of 400 km, said Mr. Bentoumi, stressing that some Charging stations can fully charge the battery of this category of vehicles in 40 to 45 minutes.

Naftal has launched a prequalification to establish a shortlist of potential partners and is awaiting feedback from interested candidates, added the official, who estimated that the company will need multiple suppliers to build its network.

Subsequently, the national company will launch the acquisition and installation of electric recharging stations at the level of its network by equipping at least one station per wilaya and by planning to install ultra-fast recharging stations in motorway stations.

For his part, the head of the secretariat of the committees in charge of construction activities and new car dealers, Muhammad Jabali, did not rule out the possibility of the supervisory ministry including the manufacture of electric recharging stations in the preferential system. As it will start exempting dealers in this activity from fees and taxes, as soon as electric cars are popularized and the demand for recharging stations increases.