Successful Green Entrepreneurship Initiative

Green Entrepreneurship Through “DAR ELKHADRA” Initiative

Stimulating green entrepreneurship through “DAR ELKHADRA”-the Green House- initiative

The period of crisis that Algeria is currently going through has unfortunately led to the loss of many jobs in various sectors of activity, and the current market mechanisms are not sufficient to create job opportunities.

To allow Algerians to enjoy their truly “green” chosen vacation, it is necessary to establish international ecotourism standards, a tourism organization or association authorized to issue a “green house” certificate, built with natural and healthy materials and operated that do not harm the environment, or very little.

This certificate is generally awarded to small family hotels, which are interested in minimizing the impact of their activity on the environment and providing a great experience for tourists, letting them know the “green” way of living while respecting nature and of course at the same time sharing local traditions, customs and gastronomy, learning about natural and cultural sites.

The certification aims to encourage the creation of favorable conditions for green tourism throughout the country. Its philosophy is based on the use of "clean and green energy" to provide tourism services, reduce emissions and use obsolete fuels. Using renewable energy sources to produce hot water, heating is activated by wood and electricity, for heating with pellets - wood waste, with low emissions into the atmosphere. A rainwater drainage system for domestic use is operated on the property. "The Green House" is a high-quality brand presented to accommodations chosen for their warm and sincere welcome and their economic activity that takes care of nature. The Green House certificate is also awarded to guest houses, especially in the south of our country for the quality of accommodation. To attract returning domestic and foreign tourists, you have to make them fall in love with the place they have been. This can encourage locals to love and know their area of ​​origin and they can also share its secrets to make it appreciated.

The owners - young entrepreneurs of the "Dar Al-Khadra" know their region, community and heritage better and are able to introduce customers to the beauty of the south, the surrounding countryside, the charm of customs and peculiarities of the cuisine. local traditional. They care about their participation in preserving natural resources, avoiding pollution, and encouraging visitors to travel responsibly while respecting nature.

The implementation of this certification system will ensure the improvement of the quality of the tourist product offered to the customer, and contribute to the preservation of the environment and socio-economic conditions of local communities. The creation and flexibility of small and medium-sized enterprises in this case within the framework of the various mechanisms launched by public authorities - ANADE-ANGEM-CNANC can be a good example of the success of other tourist sites.

It is time for the hosting sites in Algeria to start working seriously in this direction and to show their environmental and social responsibility. Green House implements one of the components of sustainable development. Accommodation is mainly located in hilly or mountain villages, which are areas of poor economic development and where the main occupation of the population is associated with agriculture and animal husbandry. Continuous efforts on the part of the public authorities are necessary to promote the certification of "Dar Al-Khadra" among the residents and young businessmen - men and women, mainly in mountainous and virgin areas where there is a significant shortage of work.

To commit to sustainable development and encourage the creation of green businesses in Algeria, for example in the winter season, “Dar Al Khadra” must be heated by steam boilers fed by pellets of biomass and waste. from wood. The Green House should mostly be equipped with waste sorting bins. Thus, the young owners of the "green house" only transport paper and glass waste to treatment plants and organic waste is composted by very small companies for the benefit of agriculture. In each room, there are tips for clients to reduce the environmental impact of their vacation, and this way of proceeding will encourage the application of good environmental practices.

Green House will undoubtedly be an opportunity for the young entrepreneurs of the future to create their own green jobs and create wealth in their communities by creating parallel jobs, especially for women.


 Murad Bergoul Expert, Consultant Trainer and Facilitator in Green Entrepreneurship

Chairman of the Green Training and Entrepreneurship Committee / Association of Women in the Green Economy.